Thursday, May 16, 2013

Child Proofing Your Home

More than five millions infants and children each year are injured and more than 3,000 die from injuries and accidents that occur not outside the home, but inside. Heather Paul of the National Safe Kids Campaign says the home is really a hazardous place. One third of all deaths of children under the age of 14 occur at home. Appliance cords and table cloths pose hazards, so do telephone cords and window blinds. Toilets, bathtubs and cleaning buckets have been the cause of hundreds of drownings. Psychologist Bonnie Greenberg, says small children go through an oral phase in which they put things in their mouths as one way to learn about their world. According to the Insurance Information Institute, parents need to protect young children by putting dangerous objects out of reach and keeping emergency phone numbers handy.

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