Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Trampoline Safety

Backyard trampolines are fun but dangerous. The National Safe Kids Campaign says that children under 7 should not be allow on trampolines at all, and those 7 and older should be closely supervised. Tips: Adult supervision at all times, no summersaults, only one child on the tramp at a time, and shock absorbing pads that cover springs, hooks and frames. Dr. Tillman Jolly, Emergency Room Physician, says most injuries occur when one child collides with another, and says serious injuries can also occur when a child comes in contact with springs and hooks. Insurance Claims Adjustor Dan Dohman says liability is another serious issue. If your neighbor's child climbs over your fence and is then injured on your trampoline, even though the child was trespassing, you can be held liable for the child's injuries. This video is from the Insurance Information Institute.

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