Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Homeowners Insurance and Swimming Pools - What You Need to Know

Owning a pool can be a fun and rewarding investment but pools are considered "attractive nuisances" to homeowners insurance companies. It's important to understand all the costs associated with owning a pool outside of installation, maintenance, and heating. Regardless of whether or not it's in use, your pool is always sitting there year around waiting for potential incident to occur and because of this you will find that homeowners insurance rates are significantly higher on homes with pools.
Also, with the recent increase in foreclosures nationwide many pools are becoming a huge burden on local wildlife departments who are having to deal with pools infested with all sorts of various animals and insects. Homeowners insurance companies have taken note of this and this to may lead to higher premiums going forward as well.
There are many factors that will affect your homeowners insurance premiums when you own a pool and they include:
o Where You Live - Areas in the Southern US tend to pay lower premiums for pools because a pool in the warmer climates will tend to be better maintained and serviced all year long. The farther north you go the more homeowners insurance companies will penalize you for owning a pool because they may view it as unjustified to do the colder climate and that the frozen ground from winter weather can damage in-ground pools.
o The Piece of Land you Build it On - If your pool is built near a fault line, forests, mountains, or desert terrain, you will most likely pay a higher premium.
o Keep the Pool in the Backyard - Homeowners insurance companies view pools built in the backyard as being much safer than those in the front. Pools built in the front yard can potentially attract unwanted attention from people passing by and could lead to unauthorized use or abuse of the pool.
o How to Reduce Your Homeowners Insurance Expenses - If you choose to build a pool, have one now, or are buying a home with one, read the tips below for some common ways to lower your premiums.
o You should discuss with your homeowners insurance agents any recommendations your insurance company or local government safety offices have about building or maintaining a pool, and any local safety codes that you must follow.
o Always make sure your pool is attended at all times and that includes not swimming alone yourself.
o Installing a fence around the pool to keep unauthorized people from using it is another way to save on your premium.

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