Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Purpose Of Auto Insurance

Auto insurance refers to insurance for vehicles such as two wheelers, cars, trucks and other vehicles on the road. The primary purpose of auto insurance is to offer compensation to the vehicle owners in case of any physical damage to the car and bodily injury that results from car accident. It also covers expenses arising from any liability thereon. In many countries it is compulsory have insurance when you buy the vehicle. Most of the insurances relate to the driver as well as the car, however the degree varies from one country to another.
Some countries also have additional insurances such as pay as you drive which is suitable for uninsured motorists who are using other owner's vehicles. In many countries this insurance covers the loss or damage to the vehicle as well as purchasing new parts for replacement. The insurance provides accident cover for the vehicle owner and also third party liability.
Today every country has many public and private companies offering auto insurance. The whole process for applying of this insurance has become online. You can go through the insurance terms on the website, choose the plan, fill in the application form and then submit the application with the required documents such as vehicle registration number, type of vehicle, proof of address, etc.
Once you submit the application, a representative of the company will get in touch with you to take the procedure forward. In countries such as India, the vehicle dealers have tie ups with auto insurance companies. Hence when you buy a new vehicle, you will automatically get insurance for one year from the car dealer. The premium of the insurance is included in the vehicle price. The premium on the insurance is decided by a number of factors, however the premium amount increases proportionately to the price of the vehicle.
The documents to be submitted for vehicle insurance include registration copy of the vehicle, driving license, policy copy and FIR copy. The various types of auto insurance normally offered include private car insurance, two wheeler insurance and commercial vehicle insurance. This insurance does not normally include electrical or mechanical breakdown, depreciation, consequential loss. It also does not apply in case vehicle meets with an accident outside the geographical area which the insurance company covers. The other exceptions when you may not get auto insurance is damage to the vehicles during wars, perils related to the climate and accidents due to drunken driving.

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