Monday, September 28, 2015

Flooded Cars

Just because a used car looks good, be careful what you buy. Thousands of cars that were flooded by hurricane Katrina are making their way onto used car lots. Don't be fooled into buying one. Despite the insurance industries efforts to keep Katrina destroyed vehicles off the salvage market, officials say now is that time that these cars may show up in your home town. Bought cheap as salvage by dishonest dealers, cleaned up and turned around with their flood damage history illegally hidden from consumers. Ron Kennedy of the National Insurance Crime Bureau says these cars can be cleaned up and sold to an unknowing consumer by dishonest dealers trying to make a killing. The National Insurance Crime Bureau is offering a free search of a cars vehicle identification number so that you can learn if the car was involved in a claim caused by last years hurricane. Jeanne Salvatore of the Insurance Information Institute says flood damage is covered by auto insurance, unfortunately there's going to be a lot of flood damaged cars finding their way onto used car lots around the country, and you do not want to buy a flooded car. To avoid buying a flooded car, check the car for mildew, sand, and water marks. Look for rust on screws and check the seats and door panels for fading.

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