Monday, April 9, 2018

Different Types Of Truck Insurance

Many truck drivers on the road today are independent contractors, working for a number of different distributors and protecting their own interests as a driver. As an independent contractor, insurance is an important factor. Providing the proper insurance for your truck, equipment, and cargo in the event of an accident is crucial to being sure your investments of time and money are protected. Accidents happen, even to experienced drivers, and the damage that a large truck can cause can be extensive and costly.
There are different types of insurance that a commercial vehicle must consider that most drivers of passenger vehicles are unaware of. Because a large truck driver may be responsible for hauling someone else's property, there are added risks associated with these practices.
Truck drivers can be insured for primary liability which would cover an accident on the road. This type of coverage is similar to the coverage provided to every insured driver on the road. Liability insurance also covers the damages done to other people, property, or other vehicles. Both of these types of insurance are often applied to passenger vehicles.
Cargo insurance and non-trucking insurance policies are more specific to large trucks that are hauling products. Cargo insurance provides coverage for materials being hauled by a driver, even if they are not the property of the driver. Non-trucking insurance covers an incident that may occur with a large truck that is not associated with hauling activities. This insurance may cover any damage associated with loading or unloading cargo.

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