Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Wildfire Insurance Townhall - Chico, CA

The California Department of Insurance hosts a community townhall and workshop for wildfire survivors with questions about insurance.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

David Horowitz Dies at 81: Consumer Advocate Reports on Senior Scams in 1994

Consumer reporter David Horowitz recently died at age 81. Here is one of his stories on unlicensed contractors scamming seniors from 1994.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Self Employment Tax Return Guide

A quick review of three methods for preparing your self-employment taxes.

1. Pay a professional

2. Use a software program

3. Do it yourself on paper.

Each has its pros & cons. Although, it's probably a fair bet to say Doing your taxes yourself on paper has the least amount of benefits over detractors.

If you find an aggressive, experienced and highly knowledgeable Tax pro that is also affordable (a relative term), this is probably your best bet. The idea of paying several hundred dollars to have your schedule C and 1040A prepared may seem a steep cost. The important thing to keep in mind is the money they may be saving you could easily offset that cost.

Friday, February 15, 2019

A World Without Insurance: How Insurance Powers The Economy

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like without insurance? We think it’s safe to say that life would be a lot different and probably a lot less exciting. And this is why the insurance industry is honored to play a vital role in building a stronger economy. Watch to learn how the more than 2.6 million people employed by the industry are helping to make our world safer, more prosperous, more innovative and more resilient--every day of the year.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Brownie Strawberry Chocolate Cheesecake

This Strawberry Chocolate Cheesecake is one of the easiest desserts you can prepare for your loved ones… brownie at the bottom topped with fresh strawberries covered in a smooth silky chocolate cream cheese filling and decorated with chocolate brush strokes and fresh strawberries.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Valentine's Day Cookies

These Valentines Day heart cookies come out of the oven fully decorated! All the color and wow factor without the need to mix up batches of royal icing! I made them with some pink sanding sugar rolled into the pink stripes for an extra sparkly pop but they look just as nice plain. I think these heart cookies would be a great project for younger chefs too! The laminating looks really professional but it’s actually fun to do and the sanding sugar adds even more appeal.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Informed Citizen: Renters Insurance

Justin explains the importance of renters insurance and how it can save you lots of money and headache.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Get Ready For IBS 2019

Get ready for IBS 2019! Check out this video with tons of helpful information to help you prepare for the show and navigate your way around the Las Vegas Convention Center.